Same day appointments


Covid latest update
Our specialists are tested every 2 weeks for your safety .
We now do home visits as this is easier for you to control your own environment rather than a busy store where hundreds have come into contact with chairs , handles , accessories etc
We carry out procedure with masks and gloves and ensure hands are sanitised before and after appointments as well as an antibacterial personal spray down .
High street stores don't give their staff time out to be tested as this deemed as loosing income and profit , please consider this ! we maintain regular testing for your peace of mind .
Yours and our own safety is paramount to us , the very fact that this procedure is carried out with very close proximity to each other's faces is very high risk and we stress you ask for anyone who carries out this procedure can provide a front line proven tested record of COVID-19 recent Upto date check .
Book with us and be safe in the knowledge we are tested every 2 weeks ,
Please if you don't book with us ask the specialist for a COVID-19 check before any procedure and consider everyone's safety - stay safe !!